Being skinny will make me happier

Transformation Tuesday - because I have not done one in a long ass time...

It is way overdue - particularly with these past few months.

When we think of transformations, we default to the visual, but truly, the biggest and most important transformations are not the ones you see. They are the ones you can feel and sense.

For many years I thought being skinny would make me happier... better... more popular. I did some crazy shit trying to get there to!

While today, I am not my healthiest, I am working on that - thank you naturopath!

I can say that I am the happiest, strongest, most confident, and empowered I have ever been.

Those of you who've followed me since January, have seen the bad shit I've gone through. In past years, that would have me in a debilitating depression.

The me now - sees it as a learning and growing opportunity. It's such an empowering feeling! I am truly in control of my life. It doesn't control me - nor does anyone else around me.

Maybe you haven't come that far in your journey - yet - but you can still celebrate where you are today! If nothing else, you are living, breathing, and on social media - right?! So celebrate the fuck out of that today!

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