From barely making it day to day, to thriving on a regular...

From barely making it day to day, to thriving on a regular...

Sounds amazing, right? Maybe even too good to be true!


A few years back I would have definitely said it's way too fucking good to be true.

I remember very clearly a day, not long after my girls and I finally moved out (the first time). We had no car and barely any money. Food stamps was our savior month after month!

This particular day was grocery shopping day. From where we lived, to the nearest grocery store there wasn't a good bus route. So with no car, walking it was - with one, single seat stroller, two toddlers, and nearly two miles each way. Anyone who knows toddlers, knows they are not the most cooperative. They'd walk a little, then want held, then want back down. At times I would sit one on top, hoping it would last long enough to give my arms a break from carrying her. Then we would switch. That two miles went on for ever, along an unpaved "sidewalk" no less.

Eventually we made it. And while we needed a number of things, I also had to be mindful of space we had - that bottom spot underneath. You know, that spot we usually put like everything - clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. That was our grocery basket.

Today when I see other moms in a store with a stroller and kids, my heart goes out to them. So if that's you today - I totally get it. I was there. I still don't fully know how I got through many of those days and you might not either - but I did and you will to!

I may not be at a point, yet, where I could offer to pay for one of those mom's groceries, but I know I will. For now, I enjoy the small joys of paying for the customer behind me at the Starbucks.

Mom life is hard. It's even more fucking hard doing it on your own. We are far much stronger than we ever think we can be! So keep going mama - there are good things on the horizon!

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