Parenting will get easier as they get older

"Parenting will get easier as they get older."

Have you heard that to a thousand times? Just get through these years and you'll be good.

Well I'm calling their bullshit. Whoever said that didn't have adult children. I had a crash course in this last year on j

ust how inaccurate that first statement is.

Parenting does not get easier. It simply changes.

As they become adults, they are legally free to make their own decisions.

There will be many times that we don't agree with their decision. Heck, there may be times we advise them against it. But just like you and I, they need to learn on their own. They need to experience challenges. They need to experience failure. All of these challenges build them to be stronger people.

Think about your young child learning to walk - how many times do they fall down? Sometimes they even get hurt, right? How would they have turned out if you had just continued to always carry them and never allowed them to overcome the challenge themselves?

It's not much different with older children. It's just different lessons.

As hard as it can be, we have to trust in our parenting of them to this point, that they will come out on the other side successful.

P.S. If you're someone telling that tale of "parenting gets easier".... please stop giving those poor parents false hope. The hit of reality later in life fucking sucks!

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