There's never enough time in mom life!

Work, soccer practice for one, and then for the other....

Oh wait, what about dinner??

Is it my snack day?

Did I finish the laundry?

I'm so tired, can I just nap while they practice?

What... it's over already?

Crap... they need that one thing for their project that's due tomorrow but they've had for a week...

Can I just have a moment? No?

Maybe I can get a bath tomorrow...

Oh wait, no, there's a game tomorrow - what about...?

Fuck, not then either....

THAT was frequently my reality. With two kids in soccer, while working full time and being on-call, life was insane - hamster on a wheel without a way to get off of it. Yep!

Slowly though, I started to find ways to make time for me. Sure, we were always gone, but that didn't mean I couldn't utilize my time better.

I started wearing clothes that would be comfortable (and warm during those winter months) so that I could start walking the track during practice. With my headphones in, I could get a lot in during an hour. And because I was out of my car, I could still observe them during practice and be a present mom - not a mom exhausted sleeping in the car all the time.

When we think about not having time, sometimes we just have to get a bit more creative and think outside of the box.

Many times during practice I would get a walk in and also get some work done for my online business.

We are our worst barriers in so many things.

That is why time management is one of the key things for my coaching programs. Once we can manage our time better - we feel better - we have time for self-care - and we can give more to those around us.

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